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I started The Coaching Letter as just a group email in 2017 when I was coaching a small number of early career principals in Hartford, CT, and I realized that there was more that I could do for them (information they could use, resources I could give them access to) than was ever going to happen in our regularly scheduled sessions. I shared it with some other educators and it ballooned from there, and now, while most of the readers are in the northeast United States, there are readers all over the world.

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I like to think that I have a rather unique perspective to share, as I have a lot of experience in educational leadership, but I also have a strong background in human and organizational development; I have a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, and I am an experienced and published coach. The Coaching Letter is mostly about ideas from psychology and other fields that are not necessarily familiar to educators, but that could be very useful to them.

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One of the things I most love about writing The Coaching Letter is the interaction I have with readers, and so I hope you will not hesitate to connect if you are so moved.

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The Coaching Letter is a personal take on my work as a coach & educational consultant, through the lens of social & organizational psychology. I write for coaches, leaders, & everybody else. I try to be humble, funny sometimes, & always encouraging.


Isobel is an author, consultant and coach with expertise in educational equity, leadership, organizational change, and coaching. In addition to The Coaching Letter, she has written for several educational publications, and is co-author of two books.